Hey, this is Anjali, a 31 year old architect by day and a seeker and traveller by night. I seek time arresters and travel everyday to different realms through poetry, photography, music, Tango and food.

Poetry is my blood. I started writing poetry in my 12th year and ever since been a closet poet.

Camera is my favourite accessory. I picked one while in design school. Even though my camera and I are in an on-off relationship, like a good couple we often try to work our chemistry out.

Music and Tango are my fuel. 10 years of Bharatanatyam (classical Indian) which I learnt as a child for my mother’s sake, brought out love for the sensual art of Tango as an adult. Music..ahh..I have no words!

And my grandma’s ‘sambhar’ is my soul. It is not just food, it’s something else. Try it!

You can follow me on Spottypotterson Instagram.

I curently live and work in Stuttgart, Germany and hence you can also find me through the Stuttgart Expat Community.