Walking an ant’s path

They say they know it all..

they say they have learnt it all..

walking around with that pride

their empty eyes

showed nothing but neglect.


Their eyes at the back,

slowly moving across that narrow path,

they reached nowhere, but into this web

the web of people and past..


I learnt it too,

to follow them

but it is difficult,

difficult to listen to that untamed rhythm.

They do not see all these lunacy?

Did the books teach them this? I asked

they did not answer

but just glared, some screamed,

some just turned deaf.


I see the fresh seeds growing,

out of the same old sacks

into the same blankness,

they arose

marching one behind the other.


I want to cut this all

this binding rope

and take a right..

a right of my will.


I wish I could shake them

these saplings,

so that all the dews of the past would fall

and what remains

is the plant alone ready to grow

into this might

that can stand unscathed and unaltered

simple and pure.




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