A quest for a lifetime

I realised I can absorb,

absorb what I need from what I see

and mould them to fit into what I seek.

Or rather they fit in by themselves

becoming a part of this amazing maze.



These jigsaw pieces talk to me,

sometimes in a language I grasp,

sometimes in numbers that trap

communicating a secret,

a secret I quest.



The journey takes a lifetime,

a lifetime for the secret to reveal.

And along the way it teaches,

to open your eyes and realise

what you are and where you stand.

It may strangle or pat your back

but you have to take it in and move along the track.



But trust me,

every door you find the key to

you will find a road ahead,

simple and plain,

beautiful and exciting,

with million trees with fruits that you can pluck,

guiding you into this openness of bright green fields.



Here, you can scream your heart out

but blinded by light, you will stand,

naked and wait..

And slowly you get the rhythm,

the movement of the leaves,

the shapes in the sky;

the tune of the ancient song.

And finally you hear the answers echoing back.

Satisfied and full,

like a hungry sailor you may eat.



But Clothed, when you ponder over a cup of tea,

as I did several times,

you may ask what is the real question?

I do not know,

I have lost it all, the question and its answers!



Maybe its an ultimate truth for us to find.

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  1. amit12354@gmail.com says:

    Now dat was sumthng real hard coming out from u…
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