The strange land I stumbled upon.

Everyone sat still

the leaves and birds;

sheltered and protected…


The denizens of this strange land,

bore white skin and beautiful hair

and drew up a life beyond

with their unseen hands.


These drawings they hung over the bed

and went to bed smiling,

singing the unheard song.


Then along came a time,

when the creepers grew thicker

and it snaked in on the inhabitants

chocking them in their protected wicker.


Gasping and stuttering,

they stretched out for a hand ahead;

a hand stretched out in regret;

Regret screaming within their very eyes.


And the beautiful skin and hair just fell apart

as their dead bodies lie in a pool of sorrow

the unheard song playing somewhere behind.


But their golden cage still stands erect,

hoping to catch its next fly.

You stay alert, I must say

for you do not want to be a denizen

of this self-eating strange land.


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