My ‘dear friend high’


As the clouds drift by
and the bright light seep shy
you wondered the divine behind.

The modest moon of course, I replied
as the stars are busy
making their lights shine.
The moon merely smiled,
pouring warmth as she tailed your line.

In and out she ducked the dark grey hounds,
mimicking the hero dodging the bullet around.
Ha! off she went spinning round and round
singing and dancing as you drove along.

Now, poor evil hounds has no choice
but to turn around
to the self obsessed stars to shroud.

The stars cared less to the devour
and the beasts made the unsatiated belch
eyeing the moon with that deep sour.

So here is the same old story of a starry night
with my sweet ‘dear friend high’.
Winking from the sky every night,
she continues with her playful fight.

Blithe as she is you would want to be
but do not forget her succor:
the flaming energy she never doused
in the wind and rain
and in the glee and strain.

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