My guardian angel

I meet you

in that dark alleyway puddle,

reflected in its murky depths.

I meet you

in the bright sun after a heavy rain,

as I look up at the seven beautiful colours.

I meet you

In the fleet of lust,

at the foot of that deep dark grave

as I fall.

I meet you

when the waves splashes me onto the shores

and forces to make new trails.

I meet you

Staring back at me

as I stand gazing into the store glass window.

I meet you

on my long bus rides,

as my mind wander into the profound

blurred against the moving glass.

I meet you

as I settle my daily bills

and clean my daily wounds.

I meet you

as I sit sipping hot tea

at the late midnight hours.

I meet you

when you open the right door

as I stand waiting at the front of the umpteenth wrong.

I meet you

as the pages of my life tear apart

and as new chapters gets added.

I meet you

when all the meaning disappears

only to reappear again.

I meet you, as I write.

I meet you, in my every blink and every breadth.

I meet you

For, you slumber in my deep within.

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