Wisdom from a Butterfly

Far on one side on a table rough
Where I took a break from work so tough
Amongst the crippled rooster, pecking chicken and the digging dog,
Sat a butterfly, so peaceful and calm.

Her plain grey wings fluttered along the breeze
A melody of that afternoon tease;
A slow and lazy breeze
A slow and lazy flutter.

Her eyes stared round and wide,
Like two bright oranges shining stars;
A steady stare to arrest time
A steady stare that froze around.

Is she dead, I wondered..
For she sat so patiently with stillness and no sound
For me to follow her stillness profound
For me to take a plunge into myself drown.

Her patience is everywhere around
In those animals, trees and deep blue sky that surround
Waiting for us to slowly understand
Waiting with love for that dawn of truth to surmount.

Then she rose, swift and wide
Fluttering her wings to zoom and not bide
Leaving a calmer me behind
With an eternity of ‘I’ inside.

(Mae-Sot Diaries)

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