Memoirs of a Mumbai train journey

Memoirs of a Mumbai train journey

after a very long day…
tiredness gazes,
into this blur of colours passing by,
rocking gently along it’s rhythm.
to the sound of the moving engine, sirens and talking people.

This gaze into emptiness,
flashes random thoughts.
For some,
sadness and despair,
for others,
happiness and joy.
Weighed by these,
the lines on the face, talks
as it moves up and down.
A bollywood background score ringing behind.

Distracted by frequent sellers
cladded with colourful accessories,
they look up
and through the window they sigh,
on the day spent
and promising a fresh heart,
on the days to come.
Hoping for an unearthed treasure
That would take them out
from the hole the city dug.

And they sit waiting, hand resting on the chin,
Patiently taking in the slow motion of the faced paced life.

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