A time traveller

Sometimes all u need is to cry

to let it all wash.

Sometimes all you need is this place

where you can find yourself

a simple you, pure and pristine.

It’s darkness comforting.


I dont know what I am now

a person evolved…

I want to run back into those wildness

wildness of childhood

where I was me.


As of now, all I can do is to close my eyes and imagine

imagine that dark temple room

kneeling down, I want to put down the weight,

weight that I accumulated through these years

the weight of my masks…

and just sit looking into those deep eyes.


I had forgotten them, forgotten the comfort it gave

I had changed my beliefs, I have no religion

I call for me, the spirit that rises within me.


Yet, I go back to that familiar darkness

It gave me what I sought

and I sit there listening to the ringing bells

until the present called

lifting me up and smiling.

Now I am back..back to my chair

back to the same old green room


with a peace at heart.

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