A Message

I am the ‘world’

and I have stories to tell.

Story that I read from millions

millions who fell and arose.


I read them everyday

over tea, lunch, dinner

and by my bedside lamp.


So you are nothing special

just another interesting book,

that I chose to read.


But I was touched,

by your courage and strength.

You took it all

and boldly smiled.

I will pat your back and move on

to my next book awaiting.

But before I go, let me tell you this;


Get out!

out from your eyes.

You are unique

but one in million

and not alone.


Get out!

out from  yourself.

Move higher and look down

you will see you and a million you.

Laughing you will be relieved

Your dramas, tantrums

lonliness , sadness

suddenly seems melted,

into this large tumultuous ocean.


Trust me, you will sleep,

peaceful tonight

and wake up tomorrow  fresh and warm.


And now that I have said it all

I leave you here.

Goodbye my friend,

Goodbye and Goodnight.



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