I wish…

girl and guitar guitar-girl tumblr_m1k8uwwgQq1rpd415o1_500_thumb

I wish I could sing,

a lovely song all on my own.

I would let it out

everything that I clutched,

from deep within.


I would scream

into the darkness I see

and wander alone in the woods with glee

singing my heart out

singing my heart out.


I wish I could play a guitar,

I would tune my songs and play along

into the stillness the music will pierce

and make a mark on the hard brown trunks.


I wish I could sing with my guitar all day long

carrying the wave everywhere I go

lifting spirits along

lifting spirits along.


I wish they would hear me

my music and my words

and not pull those hard brown trunks down

for I have my song absorbed in

for a million years to come

for a million years to come.


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  2. Ramesh says:

    Very Nice Anjali! .. I liked the part where you write (Sing) about not taking the trunks down: Knowingly or Unknowingly it addresses the sadness behind choppin down the ‘Stationary’ lives. The environmentalists would love you for this text! .. and the way you linked your desire for acknowledgement to the theme above is very appreciable! … Keep it up! šŸ™‚

  3. anjali says:

    Wow..that was unknowingly addressed..its wonderful that you brought out that link..thank you so much:)

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