A piece of quite sadness


Straight ahead I walked,

Stopping once to turn.

It was getting all blurred,

Like a gathering wisp of smoke.

I slowly walked,

more and more away from the bus.


I could feel the leaking sand

through my fingers;

these memory grains.

But I cannot save it

I have to let him go.


Back in a rickshaw

My blurred eyes caught the city’s sadness;

sadness that usually floats above

for our heavy accustomed eyes.

A man pulling a cart murmuring to himself,

A loner sitting on the sidewalk

A lady staring into nothingness near the mosque.


I passed them all in a second

But at the signal, the lady caught my eyes.

Our eyes spoke the same language

Language of bitterness that we felt

mine harder to swallow

and her’s harder to digest.

Yet our eyes saw the equal;

the pain and tears

that each of us bore.


The signal turned green,

the rickshaw moved

And I sat there drowned

In my own emotions

making me a part of these millions;

the millions that are crying out silently,

in million trains, taxis, buses and trams

at that very minute, at that very second.


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