An apology


I am sorry

for the many times I turned deaf;

deaf towards your racing beats.


I am sorry

for the many times I let you alone,

for the cold darkness to swallow.


I am sorry

for the million times I did not understand,

your obvious gestures.


I am sorry my heart

for your forced capture

I did not know the price then

the value of of those moments u gave.


I tried freezing back,

these melted moments;

these moments

of immortality

of liveliness

of the overflowing strength.


All I could hear then were sirens

ringing in bright red glow

and I ran

before it could corner.


I was afraid

afraid to turn around..

turn around and look into your deep eyes

and apologise…


And all I did was

to let myself burn

into this flame;

a flame of my own madness.

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