An Angel’s pick








A gentle smile, a polite gesture,

a warm wave from my friend’s kitchen,

a hug for my sickness,

slowly she walked in…unnoticed.


I disliked the mirrors

as I disliked its reflection.

Fear, it echoed back;

fear of the ringing laughter around.

It had locked me inside

and I had sold myself to this unknown me.


Yet my eyes saw her

Like the colours under the morning mist…


She came closer

with that powerful smile;

a smile that could shatter all the mirrors.


She painted me a picture,

a whole new world of colours.

These bright colours moved up;

up with its confident stroke.

It never fell,

it never mixed with a darker shade,

it remained pure.


I grabbed the brush

I tried moving

along its vertical rhythm.


Slowly, I felt myself breathe

breathe a new life­­­­.

A sudden jerk

and I dangled under her strong grip.


She pulled me up,

She pulled me high

and taught me see past this world of fools.

She was the friend

who wiped my tears and made me smile

and held my arm tight and head high!

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