The story of a wandering cat

You see her wander,

You see her stray,

You see her hide behind an old passing truck

at the sight of a prey.


With eyes as cold as the passing breeze,

She searched for a mind:

Untangled and apiece.

Only to find herself alone,

among the flocks and herds

that just groan and groan.


She sat the whole day,

smelling the stale black fish

hoping for a bite of fresh

blind to the vast blue pond beside.


She miowed and miowed

in anger and distress,

fear and pain.

scartching her fur, scratching her skin

every night and every dawn.


Winter and summer, autumn and spring

passed by with no pity to cling

drinking her up;

her life and soul.


Now you see her body

frozen and cold

buried in a pile of fresh yellow

And no eyes stood still

No eyes poured

mourning her death,

mourning this sad soul.


The aimful heads just brisked along,

moving along those laid out steps

And sang in chorus, loud and clear,

This is the story of a wandering cat,

aimless wander my dear folks!

only..aimless wander.










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