A plea to the world


Where did it all go?
the love,
the love for what you picked
love, with such intense
That you forget fear…

How come we fell?
Into this trap that we set.
forgetting what we like..
a four letter word,
that we murdered and buried.

We all have become, my friends, a plastic;
a plastic; ready to mould and get moulded
along other’s shrewd plays.

We stampled everything around
and walked without a single wince
into this huge nothingness.

But please, stop for a moment!
And listen to those silent cries…
Stop for a moment
To listen to your own heart…
A moment to understand
that unfelt beautiful breeze that passed by…
a breeze that could have carried away your awaiting guilt.

Do not laugh at me people,
Do not ignore me
Just question your heart
as it alone beats your rhythm.
Do not become millions
But stand aside and become one in millions
because that’s what we are
this extraordinary you and extraordinary me…

I beg you
to be unafraid and bold…
I beg you
to be the wall against the cold wind
I beg you
to explore the fluttering butterflies
and believe in your rising heartbeat..



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