An unseen ‘familiar’



Standing alone against the evening setting sun,

against the cold water brushing my feet,

against the cold chill that prickled past,

I felt the wet sand slipping away

Faster and more graceful

than the way my feet held it back.


Foot buried in the wet sand

I looked up at the singing beach

tuning itself to the roaring waves.

Fear engulfed me in

Looking up at the blue vastness;

vastness of unknown depth,

of unknown predators


With the horizon of hope far out of reach

and with a mind as restless as a falling leaf

I took a step ahead

breaking all chains

breaking all bounds

Closing my eyes,

Letting the water rise.


Days months and years passed

in that minute of time I stood

with receding fear and water.


I felt the sand slipping away again, my God!

I felt the sand I so strongly held

leave a deep print

deeper than before


And then I realize, I wasn’t alone

I never was

for facing the vast blue was a ‘familiar’

a ‘familiar’ standing beside me;

a ‘footprint’ I always missed

a ‘comfort’ I never sought

holding me tight

holding me strong.

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