Oh you
Where is that I lose?
In that colourful clutter of my table chew?
Or in that heap of dried roses by the corner few?

Oh you
When was the last I saw?
In the darkness as I wept to the paw?
Or in the bright light that struck me with a wide jaw?

Oh you
Why did I run away?
In the church when you embraced with a sway
And in the temple when you blessed without a fray.

Oh you
To whom did you surrender?
In the concrete casted shadow that I always shudder?
Or in that one bangle that now belongs to its lender?

Oh you
where do you lurk?
In my past or in my future?
Or in the infinite now that lives and dies in this murk?

Oh you
Where do I find?
In the loud noise of the passing car?
Or in the soft chirruping of the birds above?

Oh you
The peace of a blissful mind.
The noise of the powerful light
The strength of the only divine
I seek you amidst my smoke and wine
I seek you amidst my love and desire
I seek you..

in my day and in my night.


  1. Kamran says:

    Wow… You have gotten so much better … You know that!!

    1. anjali says:

      haha! nice to hear. thanks Kamran 🙂

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