Black or white


Why do we cry at the peak of happiness and bun?
Or at the sight of the setting sun or eyes of a lovers one?
Why do we laugh as we collect the pieces of our broken heart and shun?
Or when the blanket of black roses fall or lose dear all?

Maybe, I wonder
If the two opposites are the adjacents,
and black and white are what we only default tuned?
Maybe, I wonder
If they are not on the either ends of a balancing line,
But a pendulum that tick up and down?

Maybe, I wonder
If it’s just our way to balance the extremes
So that we do not get engulfed
Raw and sudden
Into one of them?

Or maybe, I wonder
If its all a play of reality
To make us understand the significant each;
A universal truth?
And we are just spectators
Sleeping and choosing…
Which channel to have next.

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