I am a human




I am a human

A being soon non-existent

Into the vastness of the black

Or a being soon transcended

Into the realities of love.


I am a human

Who evolved from four

Into the balance of two

Or evolved

Only to get back to the four.


I am a human,

Who sold my soul

To the devils of beliefs

Or lost it

In the forest of hope.


I am a human

Whose eyes sparkled with that mystic curiosity

Or blinded by cowardice

Saw only the conditioned.
I am a human

Living in the past, I dream a tomorrow

Or breathing now, I hold onto those fleeting nostalgias.
I am a human,

Who struggles as an actor of an unscripted play;

A plunge into the unfathomable sea

Or a bird born with wings

Blithe at heart.


I am a human

Who radiates an aura of powerful ‘us’

Or an aura of destructive ‘I’.


I am a human

And I conjured fear to fear

Or a fear to challenge.


I am a human

soon to be the God

Or simply… food for worms.


Image: Shots of awe, Jason Silva

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