Rain of Gold

I see a rain of gold
From high
up to the ground
and I wonder its grace-
Slow and elegant,
shimmering in the autumn sun
amidst the pull of that monstrous gravity.

They fell to the ground
layer upon layer,
a scene of absolute romance
a carpet of love
a layer of care and protect
Welcoming me as a queen
and the passers by equally along.

As I stood at the carpet’s start
The leaves danced gently in the passing breeze
spreading their warmth along the muddy road
tempting me to thread on.

I looked deep to the right
at the well mannered stone way
that lay as cold as they care
but well under the open side
with all the surety it can provide

I trembled to take the little known
but remembered Mr. Frost and his road not taken.
and decided for a plunge
into the beauty of the unknown..

as beauty is in the unknown.


Dessau, Germany

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