Rome diaries #1- Pantheon

The thing about perfection is that it has the potential to captivate you, make you fall into its profound completeness and open your eyes to the higher power; a power we can barely fathom and dream, a power we secretly seek within.

Now, why we, an imperfect continuously evolving organism, a product dependent on itself and its surroundings, chase perfection in our buildings, music, art and in our planning, lives, ourselves, is clear. We humans are bound until we die and after by the laws of opposites that alternates positive and negative to survive.

Yet, we do not want everything to end. We unintentionally defy our craving for perfection. We unknowingly collect questions as answers risk completion. Completion kills evolution. And we being in the evolution game are anti-entropic.

Imperfection will always remain as an object of curiosity, criticism and ponder. Imperfection propagates transiency; an independent variable that tends to infinity or zero. Now perfection on the other hand is for sure an object of admiration and study but for how long can we contain the initial excitement? Once, twice, thrice?

Maybe, this is exactly what happened to the perfect symmetrical and geometrical constructions of the past. It for sure captivated us the first time but not for long. It will again no doubt impress us but will not make us curious. In the end what can truly make us continuously question and evolve? What can make us truly fall into its incomplete impure depths again and again? And why does ‘nature’ makes us feel that curiosity is not a sin?

Imperfection’. And this is not an answer but just another word to question further.

This is my first take on writing short texts on something-inspired word.

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